Sunday, May 29, 2011

1/43 Mecedes-Benz SLR by Fline

Fline, lucky or "莱琪" in Chinese, refer to the same resin model manufacture in China. They started with making open & close handmade resin cars without authorization. Their products are good in shape and interior and have open-close function. Due to the escape of the authorization fee, their products are quite cheap comparing with famous handmade car brands as BBR, MR and Makeup.

Although it sounds like an underground workshop, the Fline's QC is good. The products' quality are high--their kits usually contain 100-150 parts with decent photo etched parts as brake plates, vehicle logo, engine details and many more.They've made around 20 different car models, each one comes with several colors, and not surprisingly, their qualities vary. Recently, they started to produce several models for Japanese and European model shops exclusively, including the Honda NSX and Mclaren F1.These models price are quite high (around $250, close to their highest priced model BMW X6, which also contains most parts among their production line, 196). Open & close feature is always their biggest selling point though sometimes it reduces the accuracy of the model. If they can obtain car manufacture's authorization and bring their carrier onto the correct lane, their future will be quite promising.

The Mecedes-Benz SLR is their early product. Built in 2008 or 2009, the door joints are big dog-leg ones, which is quite disappointing. The engine is modeled with moderate details. They did better works in their later products. I bought this car for $90 shipped and I'm fairly satisfied with it.

Here are some photos. Click to enlarge.

Make: Mecedes-Benz
Model: SLR
Model brand: Fline
Scale: 1/43
Release year: 2008

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